and the suppression of minority views
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Science in the 21st Century:
Knowledge Monopolies and Research Cartels
Minority views on technical issues are largely absent from the
public arena because of increasingly corporate organization of science
Suppression of Science Within Science
The New World Order in Science
The book is now (May 2012)  available:
I first wrote about this in 2001:
Part of the story concerns the rise  in conflicts of interest
and the lack of attention to ethical conduct in science.
My essay on that has long been posted on the web
and has been reprinted in a book-length discussion.
A synopsis of  the book shown below is in a talk I gave in 2009.
A video of that talk and the abstract and PowerPoint slides
are available at the conference website.
Essays based on that have been posted on the Lew Rockwell site:
Another part of the story is how the mainstream actively seeks to suppress minority views.
All too often, instead of discussing the substance of the opposing views, dissenters are derided and accused of "denialism", an epithet that has replaced the earlier "pseudoscience".
A particularly egregious example of this is the eponymous book by Michael Specter
and a series of articles in the New Scientist, which are both debunked in my essay
"Denialism: The New "Pseudo-Science"   Journal of Scientific Exploration, 24 (2010) 693-700
I know of no other comprehensive survey of the suppression of minority views, but many books in the last decade or two have noted aspects
of the circumstances that led to this phenomenon:
commercialization, conflicts of interest, and corruption
 of the research enterprise and academe.
A few dozen of the major works are listed here:

For medicine specifically, see WhatIsWrongWithMedicine
An important document dissenting from human-caused global warming is the Leipzig Declaration
See  ERRATA  for this book
See  REVIEWS of this book
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